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drone tank ripsaw

American Company Makes Drone Tank Ripsaw Remote Weapon

American Company makes the world’s most advanced robotic drone tank. The drone tank requires no driver and through its advanced system it can load weapons itself. This drone tank can be operated by only one person in the range of one kilometer. The tank’s name is “Ripsaw

This tank would be really helpful to clear the way for army in dangerous areas. The tank can be move forward to check underground mines. The first tank of this type was made in 2009 and since then the tank was tested through various military tests. Now a single person operated this tank from a one kilometer distant van. Practical movements and gunships tested in this organized test.

Defence analysts said that the  tank is made keeping in view the movements of by foot army. The manufacturer company proposed not to completely automated this tank because drone also requires an operator to be controlled and fire weapons properly.

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