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Auburn Gallipoli Mosque

Auburn Gallipoli Mosque, New South Wales, Australia

Auburn Gallipoli Mosque is situated in suburb of Sydney called Auburn. Approximately two hundred (200) people come to the mosque daily to offer prayer. On Friday almost two thousand (2000) people specially gather in Auburn Gallipoli Mosque to offer Friday prayer. The majority of people that gather to offer Friday prayer is Turkish.

Auburn Gallipoli Mosque is the largest mosque in Australia. The name of the mosque invokes the Gallipoli movement during world war I. This Gallipoli movement played an important role in the history of both Australia and Republic of Turkey.

According to Gallipoli Mosque’s management this name describes the shared legacy of Australian community and Australian Turkish Muslim Community that is the founder of Gallipoli Mosque’s construction.

The first mosque built on the place was opened for prayer on November 3, 1979. The first mosque was actually a house and its inner walls were cleared out to provide open space for prayer. The actual construction of present Gallipoli Mosque began in 1986. The Mosque has a large dome and there are two minarets on left and right side of the mosque.

Auburn Gallipoli Mosque’s construction cost estimated at six million Australian dollars ($6,000,000). The mosque was officially opened for prayer on November 28, 1999 after twenty years of its first opening.

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