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Low Price Chinese Electric Car Introduces in Pakistan

Chinese Company introduces new low price Chinese electric car in Pakistan. The price of the Chinese electric car will be $3,000 to $5,000 depending upon the model. Chinese Company introduced these low cost electric cars at Auto Show 2017 Event in Karachi.

The Chinese Company is one of the top company in electric car manufacturing. The company manufactures about one thousand electric cars daily. The electric cars are low priced and their running average cost is far less than average running cost of normal petrol fuel cars.

The average running cost of new electric cars is Rs.1/km. Low price Chinese electric car can be charged with normal domestic power with 220V. Efficient charging technology make it possible to quickly charge the car for next drive. Once fully charged, the electric car can travel 120km at the speed of 60km/h.

The company will launch three new models of Bi Mini EV electric car in coming year. Electric car has three doors and four seats. The electric car is environment friendly and do not cause air pollution.

Low Price Chinese Electric Car Models and Features

Following are the three proposed models of electric car along with their estimated price.

  • Economy Model (Estimated Price = $3,000)
  • Comfort Model (Estimated Price = $4,000)
  • Luxury Model (Estimated Price = $5,000)

Following are some important features of these electric cars

  • Power Window System
  • Central Locking System
  • Remote Care Technology System
  • Alloy Rims
  • Disk Brakes
  • Air Cooler and Air Heater
  • Radio, Audio & Video, USB and AUX, Sound Speakers
  • Back Camera and Front Display

The company intends to sell new cars in Pakistan in coming year. The company is making relationships with local auto distributors in Pakistan. The company will provide warranty on time or running bases (5 years or 80,000 km). A strong service network with repairing and spare parts facilities will be set up. The availability of spare parts and repairing facilities certainly is the most important factor to make this project successful in Pakistan.

Facebook Introduces Money Transfer Service Worldwide with Messenger through Transferwise

Facebook introduces money transfer service worldwide through a new company Transferwise. Facbook is the most popular social networking website in the world. Facebook has a large number of users from all around the world. The unique money transfer service would indeed prove a great service for all the users.

Transferwise company launches a chat robot that provides money transfer service for users through Facebook messenger. Chat Bot launched in America, Canada, Australia and Europe for experimental purposes. The chat robot not only provides money transfer service but it also lists latest money exchange rates among different currencies. The Chat Bot was first introduced for messenger users in April last year. British Government has approved regulation certificate for Transferwise.

Till now this specific money transfer service was available only in America. One million people exchange about $1 billion through Tranferwise Company each month. The company provides lowest exchange rates so people liked its service. You deposit your money in your local Transferwise bank account and can withdraw it from any branch of Transferwise around the world.

Strange Green Insect Looks Like Plant Leaves Amazing Video

Strange Green Insect just looks like green plant leaves. Predators cannot detect this strange green insect easily on green plants. Nature has given everyone a way to survive. When is first saw this video I was amazed how an insect could be like this. But its a real video and a real strange green insect. Similarly there are various videos on internet showing strange bird and other animals.