Health Benefits of Cilantro (Fresh Dhania) and Coriander Seeds

health benefits of cilantro

Health benefits of Cilantro and Coriander seeds are many. Cilantro leaves are fresh green ‘Dhania’ leaves while Coriander is normally referred to  seeds of ‘Dhania’ means sukha dhania. Cilantro is used as spice in traditional Asian foods. Cilantro and coriander seeds have many health benefits. Cilantro is best remedy for stomach disorder and improves digestive system. Coriander … Read moreHealth Benefits of Cilantro (Fresh Dhania) and Coriander Seeds

Mini Harvester Plus Bundle Packer Good Creativity

mini harvester

This mini harvester is really a creative one, it can harvest wheat at a good speed and then packs bundles. Although this mini harvester is of small size but its function is really great. This harvester is although seems to be a local one but its work is really appreciate-able. Only one person can harvest and pack bundles at the same time then further work of threshing become much easier, manageable and fast.

Fresh Lemon A Simple Fitness Tip

lemon fitness tip

Many of you have already known to this tip and many may be not. Fitness at first stance is a word for attraction not only for women but also for men in today’s lifestyle. So we are emotionally attached with this phrase “Fitness Tip“. The fitness tip I am going to share is simple and … Read moreFresh Lemon A Simple Fitness Tip