Attractive Spot For Tourists Beautiful Vevey Town, Switzerland

Attractive Spot For Tourists Beautiful Vevey Town, Switzerland

Vevey is the most beautiful and charming town of Switzerland. Vevey town is very famous all around the world due to its natural beauty and its relation to known personalities. Vevey town is one of the most famous and attractive towns in the world.

Vevey is a beautiful amusement venue for rich class. The lakes of Vevey are very beautiful and they attract tourists from all around the world. The most famous lake of Vevey is Lake Geneva.

Clean white snow covered mountains adds up the natural beauty to Vevey and make the scenery amazingly charming and attractive.

Great Actor “Charlie Chaplin”, writer “Victor Hugo”, novelist “Dastoor whisky” and the founder of Nestle Company “Henri Nestle” belongs to Vevey town. Charlie Chaplin spent the last 25 years of his age in Vevey. Villa’s of Charlie Chaplin spreads out in fourteen (14) acres of land.

This beautiful and historical Villa’s of Charlie has been converted to a museum. Vevey  has a special relation with Nestle company because the company’s Headquarter is also situated in the town.