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benefit of garlic

Benefit of Garlic, Attract Opposite Sex Towards You

Eden Berg: You all are aware about hundreds of benefits of Garlic. But a recent research has shown a benefit of garlic use, which will put you at amaze. The researchers said that another amazing benefit of garlic use is that it produces an attractive smell in the sweat of men. They also added that this smell tends to attract the opposite sex.

Researches from University of Scotland and Charles University of Check Republic showed that men did not need any expensive after shaves to attract the opposite sex. They said that just eat garlic, it will made your sweat smell attractive to females.

Garlic is rich in antibiotics and anti-fungal ingredients which help in lowering the blood pressure and curing the flu. Garlic also reduces the bad smell produced by the sweat in armpits. This bad smell is due to presence of microbes in armpits and garlic has great anti-microbial activity. As the smell from mouth is considered important for relationships, the smell from sweat also got the same level of importance.

Research was carried on 40 men. Some of them were given garlic capsule and others were not treated with garlic capsule. After this pads were put in their armpits for 12 hours to get the smell of their sweat. 82 women were said to smell the pads and told which smell is more attractive or bad. The smell produced in the armpits of men which were treated with 12g garlic capsule was found more attractive to female.

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