Cardoon (Cynara cardunculus) Facts

The purple flower(Cardoon (Cynara cardunculus)) in above figure is looking very beautiful. But this plant is not known for its beauty it is an important plant with respect to medicinal and food uses.

Scientific Name: Cynara cardunculus

Common Names: Cardoon and in Urdu it is known as oont katara.

Uses: Food, Medicine (specially liver medicines), also grown as ornamental plant, due to its beautiful flower.

Origin: Western, however this was domesticated very early, so there is no surety about its origin.

Edible Parts: Flowers Bud of Cardoon (Cynara cardunculus) can cooked, Young Leaves, stem and even roots can be use as food.

Cardoon Medical Uses:

Cardoon (Cynara cardunculus) has gain a lot of importance during last few years, due to discovery of cynarin compound. That’s why the leaves Cardoon can be use as to improve the liver and stimulate the digestive tract. Gall Bladder diseases are treated with Cardoon leaves. That’s why Cardoon can be use to cure Jaundice, Hepatitis and in early stages of diabetes.

Muhammad Naveed Iqbal

Muhammad Naveed Iqbal

Lecturer in Botany. PhD (Plant Sciences) Scholar