How To Charge Phone By Plant New Technology

charge phone by plant

Charge phone by plant, it is not dream now. Science has progressed to such extent to produce a device which can charge phone by plant in a pot. Chilli: Engineers have created a device which has the ability to take energy form plants and convert this into electricity. The amount of electricity produced by this … Read moreHow To Charge Phone By Plant New Technology

Red Shifted Chlorophyll Facts

red shifted chlorophyll

Red Shifted Chlorophyll: Chlorophylls are molecules which absorb light during photosynthesis. We are familiar with four different types of chlorophylls molecules, termed as Chlorophyll a, Chlorophyll b, Chlorophyll c, and Chlorophyll d. All these pigments can be found within light harvesting complex of photosystem. For a long time Chl a pigment has been demonstrated as … Read moreRed Shifted Chlorophyll Facts

Cardoon Cynara Cardunculus Facts and Medical Uses

Cardoon Cynara Cardunculus

The purple flower(Cardoon Cynara cardunculus) in above figure is looking very beautiful. But this plant is not known for its beauty it is an important plant with respect to medicinal and food uses. Scientific Name: Cynara cardunculus Common Names: Cardoon and in Urdu it is known as oont katara. Uses: Food, Medicine (specially liver medicines), also … Read moreCardoon Cynara Cardunculus Facts and Medical Uses