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Saif ul Malook by Mian Muhammad Bakhsh Complete PDF

saif ul malook

Saif ul Malook is a famous folk tale written by Mian Muhammad Bakhsh. This tale tells the story of Shahzada Saif ul Maook the prince of Persia. Shahzada Saif ul Malook fell in love with a fairy princess Shahzadi Badri Jamala at the lake Saif-ul-Malook. The tale is written in …

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Visual C# How to Program PDF Book Free Download

visual c# how to program

Visual C# How to Program book is appropriate for introductory course sequences based on the curriculum recommendations of two key professional organizations—the ACM and the IEEE. The examples are accessible to computer science, information technology, software engineering and business students in novice-level and intermediate-level C# courses. The book can also …

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Mere Tibbi Razon Ka Khazana Urdu Book PDF Download

mere tibbi razon ka khazana

Mere Tibbi Razon Ka Khazana is a very valuable and authentic book. Mere Tibbi Razon Ka Khazana book is written by Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Ubqari. The book contains precious medical secrets and observations of the author Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Ubqari. Author writes the secret incidents and observations from …

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Kitab Ut Tibb Urdu Book PDF Download

kitab ut tibb

Kitab Ut Tibb is a very famous Urdu book of Ilm-e-Tibb. Kitab Ut Tibb is here to download free in PDF format. This book is really a gift for those who have interest in Ilm-e-Tibb. The book is written in simple and easy to understand way. The book contains Islamic …

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Networking in Urdu Language Complete PDF Book Download

networking urdu language

Networking Urdu is a complete networking guide book in Urdu language. It is actually a course created and shared by a forum member in some Urdu forums. It is written in a good and easy to understand way. Everyone having basic knowledge of computer can understand networking. Book Title Networking …

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Ghazi Urdu Novel By Abu Shuja Abu Waqar PDF Download

ghazi urdu novel

Ghazi Urdu novel is a true story of a real world secret agent. Abu Shuja Abu Waqar was a real world Pakistani intelligence officer who wrote the novel. He obtained certain security permissions before writing any sensitive information in the novel. Ghazi Urdu novel is certainly an emotional and heart …

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Qasas Ul Anbiya Islamic Urdu Book PDF Download

qasas ul anbiya

Qasas Ul Anbiya is a very famous and authentic book. Qasas ul Anbiya is a known Islamic book related to history of various Prophets of Almighty ALLAH. Various versions of this book are available. The book is really a gift for Islamic history readers and students. Book Title Qasas Ul …

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PHP MySQL Urdu Web Development PDF Book

PHP MySQL Urdu Web Development is a very comprehensive and easy to understand book. The book is really a great work from Shakeel Muhammad Khan. It is a complete and easy book in Urdu language. Probably I think this is the best book to learn PHP and MySQL in Urdu …

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ESE Educators Book Dogar Publishers Free Download

ese educators book

ESE Educators Book of Dogar Publishers is a good helping book for preparation of educators tests. The book contains helping material for both ESE (Arts) and ESE (Science, Math) educators tests. The book contains policy and procedures for selection of educators. The study material includes following topics; English Mathematics IT …

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Economics Notes for M.Com Professor Sheikh Fiaz Ahmad

economics notes for m.com

Economics Notes for M.Com by Professor Sheikh Fiaz Ahmad are very comprehensive and easy to understand. These notes provide to the point material but with enough details to grasp the topics completely. Following topics are included in these notes. Economics definition and basic concepts Demand and Supply Consumer behaviour Market …

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