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Kashful Mahjoob in Urdu Islamic Book Pdf Download

kashful mahjoob urdu

Kashful Mahjoob was originally written in Persian language by Hazrat Daata Ganj Bakhsh Ali Hajveri but then translated into many other languages as well including Urdu. Complete name of Hazrat Daata Sahab is ‘Abul Hassan Ali Ibn Usman al-Jullabi al-Hajveri al-Ghaznawi’. The book is a master piece in Islamic Sufi …

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Assembly Language Step by Step PDF Download

assembly language step by step

Assembly Language Step by Step is a useful book for specific programmers. In today’s world of advanced high level languages there are very few people who can actually program in assembly. Although programming in high level languages is much more easy and comfortable as compared to assembly but for some …

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Discrete Mathematics With Applications by Susanna S Epp

discrete mathematics with applications

“Discrete Mathematics With Applications” describes processes that consist of a sequence of individual steps. This contrasts with calculus, which describes processes that change in a continuous fashion. Whereas the ideas of calculus were fundamental to the science and technology of the industrial revolution, the ideas of discrete mathematics underlie the …

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C++ How to Program by Deitel & Deitel Free Download

c plus plus how to program

C plus plus How to Program (C++ How to Program), 5/e contains an abundant collection of examples, exercises and projects drawn from many fields to provide the student with a chance to solve interesting real-world problems. The book concentrates on the principles of good software engineering and stresses program clarity. …

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