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Interesting Facts About Babies (16 Facts)

Interesting facts about babies

Interesting Facts About Babies: Here are some interesting facts about babies. Human body goes through various changes since its birth. Babies have some different body behaviors as compared to adults. Here are sixteen facts about babies.  A new born baby sees in black and white. A baby cannot taste salt …

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Chick Embryo Development Process

Chick Embryo Development The chick egg has different accessory coverings around it, which are secreted, by the female reproductive tract. The following steps occur during the chick embryo development. Fertilization Fertilization takes place when the egg is entering the oviduct. Therefore, fertilization is internal. The shell is formed around the …

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Adiantum Structure and Life Cycle


Taxonomic Position Division: Filicophyta Class: Leptosporangiopsida Order: Filicales Family: Polypodiaceae Genus: Adiantum   Adiantum is widely distributed fern with 200 known species. It grows in mild climate. Moist and shady places are liked by Adiantum as habitat. Morpholigical features of Adiantum (External Structure) Body of Adiantum can be divided into …

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Anthoceros Structure, Asexual & Sexual Reproduction (Life Cycle)

Anthoceros belongs to; Division: Bryophyta Class: Anthocerotopsida Order: Antherocerotales Family: Atherocerotaceae This genus contains about 200 species, which are distributed all over the world, especially abundant in moist areas of tropical and temperate regions of earth. Anthoceros Structural Features: External Structure (Morphology): Like other bryophytes the dominant generation of Anthoceros …

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