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Bird Vs Rooster Crazy Fight Video

bird vs rooster fight

Bird Vs Rooster fight seems to be one sided at first imagination but this is not true. After watching this video you can decide that bird is also a good fighting match for rooster. This bird is really brave and wants to hit rooster again and again. Finally rooster decided …

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Turkey Police Stops Rooster Fight Video

turkey police stops rooster fight

Turkey police stops rooster fight after a while when roosters are in heavy fighting. Turkey suddenly came to stop the fight and it pushed one of the rooster away to end up this heavy fight. Turkey Police Stops Rooster Strong Fight by magbin-net

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Mantis Vs Cat Cute Fight Video

mantis vs cat

Mantis Vs Cat fight to show their power. Mantis has no match against cat and it can be pressed under cat’s powerful paw but mantis fights with cat. Mantis responds with equal attack. Mantis and Cat Cute Fight Video by magbin-net

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Rooster Long Sound Very Funny and Strange

rooster long sound

Rooster long sound call is very funny and strange. There must be some issue with this rooster or he is trying to impress other family members. Normally a rooster sound call is about 3 to 6 seconds but this rooster is an unusual case. Rooster Long Sound Very Funny and …

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