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Animal Videos

Mantis Vs Cat Cute Fight Video

mantis vs cat

Mantis Vs Cat fight to show their power. Mantis has no match against cat and it can be pressed under cat’s powerful paw but mantis fights with cat. Mantis responds with equal attack. Mantis and Cat Cute Fight Video by magbin-net

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Rooster Long Sound Very Funny and Strange

rooster long sound

Rooster long sound call is very funny and strange. There must be some issue with this rooster or he is trying to impress other family members. Normally a rooster sound call is about 3 to 6 seconds but this rooster is an unusual case. Rooster Long Sound Very Funny and …

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Cat Scared of Child’s Sudden Action

cat scared of child

Cat scared of child’s sudden action and jumps up. Child hides himself behind the wall and waits for cat. When cat comes near the edge of wall child suddenly appears. Cat scared of this sudden action of child and took a funny jump. Cat Scared of Child Sudden Action by …

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