Strange Green Insect Looks Like Plant Leaves Amazing Video

strange green insect

Strange Green Insect just looks like green plant leaves. Predators cannot detect this strange green insect easily on green plants. Nature has given everyone a way to survive. When is first saw this video I was amazed how an insect could be like this. But its a real video and a real strange green insect. Similarly there are various videos on internet showing strange bird and other animals.

Cow Stops Dog Fight Started by Humans

cow stops dog fight

Cow stops dog fight arranged as a competition by humans. Its funny but also a shame for these people. There are thousands of videos on the internet in which various animals stop fight of other animals. This video also shows the same type of behavior of a cow towards dog’s fight.

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Expert Truck Driver Very Dangerous Mountain Route

expert truck driver

Expert truck driver skillfully drives the truck through a very dangerous mountain route. The width of the route is almost equal to the width of truck. Taking turns on such a dangerous and narrow route require extraordinary skills and strong heart.