How To Charge Phone By Plant New Technology

How To Charge Phone By Plant New Technology

Charge phone by plant, it is not dream now. Science has progressed to such extent to produce a device which can charge phone by plant in a pot.

Chilli: Engineers have created a device which has the ability to take energy form plants and convert this into electricity. The amount of electricity produced by this small device is enough to charge a phone by plant. This device is result of 6 years of efforts by three young scientists.

Device is named as E-Kaia. Such devices has also been created in past. But those were not so much powerful. As those can oly take energy from plant in a large area. But this E-Kaia named device is amazing in this aspect that, E-Kaia only need a single plant in pot to get enough energy to charge phone by plant.

This is rectangle shape device, when it comes in contact with part of plant, it start extracting energy from it. The value of this energy or suitable you can say the amount of electricity it extract is almost 600 mA. This is most important thing, as this amount of electricity can charge a phone within one and half hours almost. Ordinary charges also take same time to charge a phone.

Engineers of this device has also said that, E-Kaia is only a start. There are many chances for its improvement. In future, such devices will be able to extract energy from large plants and will provide energy to large electrical devices.

However at present. It is a blessing for those areas where electricity is a problem. Now is time to charge Phone by plant.