Curd Health Benefits a Summer Beauty Tonic

Curd Health Benefits a Summer Beauty Tonic

Curd health benefits are numerous. In summer it is important to use Curd for health and beauty. is best alternative to milk. Use Curd for health and beauty in summer to make your internal conditions protected from harms of external environment. Curd is best for beauty and health in summer.

During summer, skin can be burned. To treat this and make your skin healthy, just take a piece of Aloevera leaf, extract its gel (this is not hard process just hold the leaf and press it, you will get enough gel from it). Then mix the curd with this extract of leaf. Apply this to your skin, it will your skin fresh.

For protecting your face from harms of sunlight and making it beautiful, mix the curd with honey and Turmeric (haldi) and add little amount of milk fat (Balai). Apply this to your skin as mask. It will make your skin tone white and mitigate the effect of sunlight.

Now we come on the curd health benefits.

  • Curd, a remedy for digestive system.
  • Curd makes immune system better.
  • Curd is also useful in sleeplessness.
  • Curd is a gift during summer.
  • Use curd for health of your children, Curd provides basic nutrients and useful for their better development.