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Das Park Hotel Strange Concrete Sewer Pipes Hotel Austria

Have you ever imagined a hotel made up of concrete sewer pipes? I know you are creating a picture of such hotel in your mind now. But don’t think of it as a building made up of concrete sewer pipes because the pipes are actually the rooms of the hotel. These pipes are placed in a public park. I am talking about Das Park Hotel Austria. Yes this hotel is actually a collection of freestanding cylindrical city drainage pipes of wide diameter placed in a public park. These pipes are converted into beautiful rooms for the purpose of the hotel.

Das Park Hotel is located in town of Ottensheim in Austria. The pipes are seven feet wide in diameter and have basic requirements of a hotel room. Each room contains a double bed, storage space, a lamp, and a power outlet. Restrooms and showers are also there but at a distance of 330 feet downhill. For food a cafe is there on the nearest road. A public water fountain is available in the park to quench your thirst. Toilets are available at a nearby petrol station.

Das Park Hotel is not thy only one of this type but there are few others present in Germany. Das Park Hotel provides an affordable accommodation with basic facilities for tourists and needy. If a person can’t even afford to pay for this low budget room, there is no obligation.

Tourists have to book the hotel rooms on hotel’s website. After approval of a room a secret code number is provided that is used to unlock that specific room.

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