developing decision making skills for business

Developing Decision Making Skills For Business

Developing Decision Making Skills For Business teaches ways to improve your mind so that you can live better. The skills it teaches range from making business decisions to choosing life goals and getting to sleep quickly.

My desire to write this book was greatly intensified by experiences over three decades in my main special field, the economics of population. Unsound modes of thinking account for many of the false beliefs that are commonly held about population growth, natural resources, and the environment. A key example is people’s focus only on short-run and local effects rather than upon the long-run and diffuse effects of additional people being born. Another example is the differences in underlying values between those people who would reduce immigration to the United States and those people who would increase it.

I hope that you will enjoy this book even a little bit as much as I have enjoyed collecting and developing and then writing about the ideas in it. I am grateful that it has been my lot in life to have had this opportunity.

Format: PDF
Pages: 244
Book Size: 1.2 MB
Author: Julian L. Simon

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