Discrete Mathematics With Applications by Susanna S Epp

Discrete Mathematics With Applications” describes processes that consist of a sequence of individual steps. This contrasts with calculus, which describes processes that change in a continuous fashion. Whereas the ideas of calculus were fundamental to the science and technology of the industrial revolution, the ideas of discrete mathematics underlie the science and technology of the computer age. The main themes of a first course in discrete mathematics are logic and proof, induction and recursion, discrete structures, combinatorics and discrete probability, algorithms and their analysis, and applications and modeling. The book is included in various Computer Science Syllabus of various universities around the world.

Book Title: ‘Discrete Mathematics With Applications’
File Size: 9.73 MB
Pages: 993
Edition: 4th (Fourth)
Format : Pdf
Niche: Mathematics
Author: Susanna S. Epp

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