Drone Insect Invented for Artificial Pollination Increase Crops Fertility

Drone Insect Invented for Artificial Pollination Increase Crops Fertility

Drone Insect is a new addition to the concept of artificial pollination. Drone insect has been invented to turn the concept of artificial pollination into a real life working technology. The experiments have been successful enough to support the further work on the project. Japanese engineers in Tokyo have developed the drone insect for artificial pollination.

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tokyo initiated the project of Drone Insect. The engineers discovered a specific type of sticky gel than can pick up the pollen grains from flowers and can release them at other place. The natural flies spread the pollen grains from one place to other. Population of natural flies is decreasing so the drone insect can be used as an artificial alternative.

Scientists all over the world are constantly working to increase the fertility of crops in an artificial way. The bottom panel of drone insect has specific type of gel and horse hairs. This bottom panel can pick up pollen grains from one flower and release them on another flower. The gel is so useful that it remained in working condition even after 8 years.

The gel was initially experimented on ants. Gel bearing ants picked up more pollen grains as compared to other normal ants. After that the gel is pasted on drone insect for experiments. The horse hairs were used as alternative to natural hairs on flies’ legs. Horse hairs bearing the specific gel picked up the pollen grains from one flower and released them on other. The results of experiment have been quite encouraging.

According to experts a lot of work has still to be done to make the concept a reality. These drone insects can be used as alternative to aid the decreasing population of natural flies, honey bees, and other flying insects. Drone insects are expected to increase the crops fertility after a few years of research.