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Hiran Minar (Deer Tower) Memory Of a Royal Pet, Sheikhupura Pakistan

Hiran Minar (Tower or Minaret of Deer) is located in Sheikhupra city near Lahore, Pakistan. Emperor Jahangir constructed this Hiran Minar in the memory of his beloved pet deer named ‘Mansraj’.

The Hiran Minar was build by Jahangir in 1606. The main building of the Minar consists of an eight sided yard in a large water tank. The yard is covered by a lower boundary wall. A bridge way connects the main yard with mainland and a 100 foot (30 m) high minaret.

From the center of each side of main yard a slope way opens into the water which provide access for royal animals. Important things attached to this Hiran tower is deer’s grave and the water collection system.

At each corner of eight sided yard a square subsurface builds up this whole water collection system which supplied water for the tank.

The beautiful location of the Minar provides an attractive and charming look, and dignify its relationship with Mughal Period. From the top of the Minar a forest patch can been seen towards north side, perhaps it was a vegetation site in Mughal period. Towards the west of the Minar there are vast fields with proper irrigation system.

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