Increasing Brain Power By Food

Increasing Brain Power By Food

The things which we eat provide us energy, but these also effect directly or indirectly our Brain Power. According to World health organization, daily use of some food proves usefull in increasing Brain Power. Increasing Brain power by food, this can be done with following foods. You can increase brain power by the use of these food upto 20%. Lets have a look at these 10 foods, which are important in enhancing brain power.


Stress situation, effect the brain cells very badly, brain cells begin to die under stressed conditions before age. The use of berries diminish the effects of stressed situation. The use of berries with pears, make your brain cells healthy. These proves very beneficial in increasing Brain Power.


First thing you should know is that, for good functioning of our Brain, our blood should contain 25g glucose. The banana contain the required amount of glucose. So it also help in increasing brain power.


Your all know about, Vitamin B. But do you know about its role? Vitamin B enhance the long term memory stroge by brain and also decrease the reaction time of brain. Egg has Vitamin B. So it will also very useful in increasing brain power.


Curd provide our body with calcium and vitamins. Both of these has role in increasing Brain Power.


Fish is rich in omega 3, vitamin B, proteins and iron. So also very very healthy diet for increasing brain power.


Use of Brinjal better the connection of our brain cells with neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters are chemicals which are use for tranfer of information from one brain cell to other. Brinjal produce very healthy effects on brain health and increase brain power.


Use of carrot without cooking, stabilize the glucose concentration in blood so it prove very good for brain power.


Coffee contain caffeine. This compound has health effect on memory and eyes. So it useful for those who sit with their computers for long time.


Chocolates that comes in dark colour as well as milky chocolates both increase brain power. However milky chocolates are more usefull as these enhance the image memory, talking power, and reaction time of our brain.