Interesting Facts About Babies (16 Facts)

Interesting Facts About Babies (16 Facts)

Interesting Facts About Babies:

Here are some interesting facts about babies. Human body goes through various changes since its birth. Babies have some different body behaviors as compared to adults. Here are sixteen facts about babies.

Fact – 1

A new born baby sees in black and white.

Fact – 2

A baby cannot taste salt until it is 4 months old.

Fact – 3

Babies are born with the ability to swim.

Fact – 4

A baby in the womb can send stem cells to repair damaged organs of the mother.

Fact – 5

A baby has three times as many taste buds as adults.

Fact – 6

A baby’s brain uses 50% of the glucose in its body.

Fact – 7

A baby’s eyes are 100% their adult size when they are born.

Fact – 8

A new born baby can cry tears.

Fact – 9

A baby has 270 bones at birth.

Fact – 10

A new born baby is nearsighted.

Fact – 11

A baby can breathe and swallow at the same time.

Fact – 12

A baby does not have kneecaps.

Fact – 13

Babies have superhuman strength.

Fact – 14

If a baby continued to grow at the same rate as in its first year, then at 20 years of age it would be 30 feet tall.

Fact – 15

All babies have breasts and lactate.

Fact – 16

Babies sleep with their eyes open.