Is Intelligence Dependent On Birth Order?

The answer is YES………………..

Recent research has shown that the first child has the highest level of IQ as compared to the subsequent siblings. The research published in the journal Proceeding of the national academy states that the first child has the ability to learn faster as compared to his siblings and enjoys the status of a teacher for the younger siblings.

Another research which involve 20 thousand British people showed that there is greater possibility for the first child to posses greater IQ than the younger children of the family. Research was done on the families which have not more than four children. The IQ level of each children is dependent on his birth order. The youngest child may have the lowest level of IQ among the siblings.

Although this difference of IQ level of the siblings is not that much (only 1.5 point), it proves that the eldest child has greater chances of leading a successful life.

Muhammad Naveed Iqbal

Muhammad Naveed Iqbal

Lecturer in Botany. PhD (Plant Sciences) Scholar