How to Keep Eye Sight Healthy Important Tips

How to Keep Eye Sight Healthy Important Tips

Here you will find the tips, how to keep eye sight healthy without going to doctors. Every part of our body is of equal importance. Eyes are one of those parts, without which life is colorless. Keep eye sight healthy, by some simple activities. There are few tips from doctors which are extremely important to keep eye sight healthy.

People, who use computers for long times on their jobs or at any other site, they face the distant eye sight weakness. To keep eye sight healthy such persons should focus on anything at some distance from them. This focus should last about 5 seconds. This activity should be repeated after 30 to 45 minutes. This will help you to keep your distant focus at right.

Blinking, makes the eyes fresh. Blinking also lower down the fatigue of eyes, that occur due to continuous work. Blinking your eyes after every 4 seconds will keep eye sight healthy. This is again helpful for those who work on computer for long periods of time.

Washing your eyes with water also make them fresh. If you feel that your eyes are getting fatigued then wash them with water. This can be done once during your working hours.

Rub your hands for some time, when hands get hot, keep them on your eyes for few seconds. It will relax your eyes. This can be done several times in a day. Relaxing your eyes by this method, also help to keep your eye sight healthy.

Zooming exercise: sit on chair or sofa. Spread your arms to your front. Keep focus on thumbs of your hands. Now slowly move your hands towards your face. But keep focus on your thumbs. Stop the movement of hands at almost 4 inches distance from your face. Now in similar method, move your hands away from your face. Repeat this method will help you to make your focus at right. Ultimately it will keep eye sight healthy.

Nothing more important than morning walk. Early morning walk is very very useful to keep eye sight healthy.

Glasses can stop the fast reducing eye sight. But keep in mind that glasses do not improve eye sight. Above mentioned tips will help you to make eye sight better. But some time use of glasses in inevitable, so use glasses whenever necessary.