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lifi faster than wifi

Lifi 100 Times Faster than Wifi Data Transfer Rate in GBs

Many people complain about the slow speed of internet. But no more worries people, because 100 times faster Lifi is coming your way soon.

The scientists from University of Eden Berg have tested the data transfer through light instead of radio bands out side the lab for the first time with amazing results. The data was transferred 100 times faster compared to wifi. According to Harold Hais the inventor of this amazing technology said that, using Visible Light Communication (VLC) one GB data can be transferred in just one second. This technology is termed Lifi.

Lifi is expected to increase the speed of internet to the amazing limits. This Lifi will be 100 times faster than present data communication technology known as wifi.

Deepik Solanki, the chief executive officer said that this technology is not only faster but also safer and it will not be interrupted by any other device.

Harold Hais predicts that soon the world will use the internet through the Microchips in LED bulbs.

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