News Anchor Robot Artificially Intelligent and Efficient

News Anchor Robot Artificially Intelligent and Efficient

Artificial intelligence has become the most discussed topic in the field of Computer Science. Artificial intelligence is playing an important role in almost every field of life where computer technologies are applicable. Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the fields of telecommunications, automobile manufacturing, medical diagnosis, mobile phones and many others. Robot technology is also result of artificial intelligence. A new addition in robots is a news anchor robot capable of reading news from its built in artificially intelligent memory system.

China and Japan have introduced news anchor robots. News anchor robot has been developed in such way that it looks like a real news anchor. It has the style and body language similar to a real news anchor. This robot has been made for the purpose of reading news only, so it has not other mechanical functions like arms and legs movement.

News anchor robot is capable of reading news in various languages. News producer can transfer news to the memory of news anchor robot while it’s reading. Chinese news agency Xinhua introduced such robot first time, so the robot’s face is a copy of a real Chinese news anchor.

Real news anchors have mixed opinions about this new artificially intelligent news anchor robot. According to some news anchors this robot is not capable of delivering face expressions and hand movements. But in future this robot may be improved to such a level that it can become a threat for living news anchors. In future major news reporting agencies may prefer one time investment in such news anchor robots rather to pay regular fees to real news anchors.

As the news anchor robot has not capable of mechanical functions, so it cannot be categorized as a news reporter yet. It is not sure whether this robot can be connected to internet or not. Some additional efforts are required to secure this robot from hacking attacks if internet connectivity is added. A hacked news anchor robot may result into a devastating behavior.

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