Cow Stops Dog Fight Started by Humans

cow stops dog fight

Cow stops dog fight arranged as a competition by humans. Its funny but also a shame for these people. There are thousands of videos on the internet in which various animals stop fight of other animals. This video also shows the same type of behavior of a cow towards dog’s fight.

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Expert Truck Driver Very Dangerous Mountain Route

expert truck driver

Expert truck driver skillfully drives the truck through a very dangerous mountain route. The width of the route is almost equal to the width of truck. Taking turns on such a dangerous and narrow route require extraordinary skills and strong heart.

Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts Important Keys

microsoft word keyboard shortcuts

In this article a comprehensive list of Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts will be elaborated. Majority of these shortcuts generally applies to all the versions of Microsoft Word. But some of the shortcuts may not work on all the versions of MS Word. Microsoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts Important List Shortcut Keys Description Ctrl + 0 This … Read moreMicrosoft Word Keyboard Shortcuts Important Keys

Funny Dog Pissing on Cracker Bomb Suddenly Blasts

funny dog pissing on cracker bomb

Funny Dog was pissing on cracker bomb and suddenly bomb blasts. Children were playing with cracker bomb but dog just came in time when the bomb was near to blast. Dog’s arrival was just an incident that made the video more interesting. Children were just shooting the video of cracker bomb blast but dog entry made everything more interesting and funny.

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PHP MySQL Urdu Web Development PDF Book

php mysql urdu

PHP MySQL Urdu Web Development is a very comprehensive and easy to understand book. The book is really a great work from Shakeel Muhammad Khan. It is a complete and easy book in Urdu language. Probably I think this is the best book to learn PHP and MySQL in Urdu language. Absolute beginners, even people … Read morePHP MySQL Urdu Web Development PDF Book