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raja gidh by bano qudsia

Raja Gidh by Bano Qudsia Urdu Novel PDF Download

Raja Gidh is a very famous Urdu novel by Bano Qudsia. ‘Raja’ is a Hindi word for king and ‘Gidh’ is an Urdu word for vulture. The novel starts with love of an attractive and modern urban girl Seemi Shah who falls in love with her handsome classmate Aftab. The novel then describes the rich cultural life of Lahore and describes various moral and ethical issues beyond the love. Raja Gidh is certainly a precious gift for people who love Urdu literature.

Information about the book
Book Title Raja Gidh
Book Format PDF Book
Total Pages 406
File Size 21.7 MB
Genre Urdu Novel
Language Urdu
Author Bano Qudsia

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