Self Driven Fastest Electric Super Car Introduced

Self Driven Fastest Electric Super Car Introduced

Audi R8-Etron is the new coming super car. This is self driven, Electric Super car.

This car has great acceleration, can attain a speed of 62 miles/h within 4 seconds. On other hand, maximum speed of this noted is 155 miles per hour. Now the most important thing about this car is, you do not need to learn driving, as this is self driven car.

Audi has introduced this car in Shinghai at a consumer electronic show.

This car is equipped with laser scanner, radar scanner, ultra sonic sensor and video camera. These things let this car to get an image of its surrounding and help to get way through traffic.

However many companies are trying and has created such self driven cars, But this Audi-R8 E-tron is fastest of among all the self driven electric cars. And it is also full electric.

The motor of this electric super car is supported by two batteries, this motor can rise the speed of car up to 456 horse power.

After getting full charged the batteries of this car can drive it for 279 miles, a large distance. After fully draining out, the batteries will take 2 hours to become fully charged again.

The car will be available in late 2015. However its price has not been disclosed yet. Low volume of cars will be manufactured at start. Deliveries of this super car will be started in early 2016.