Shah Jahan Mosque (ShahJahani Masjid) Thatta, Pakistan

Shah Jahan Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Pakistan. Shah Jahan Mosque is located in district Thatta in Sindh province Pakistan. Thatta district is 100 km apart from Karachi. The Mosque was included in UNESCO World Heritage list in 1993.

Shah Jahan Mosque was built in 1647 in the reign of mughal emperor Shah Jahan. The place for mosque was consecrated in 1644. Shah Jahan is known for his keen interest in building such a rich cultural architectures. So the mosque is also an outcome of architectural mind of Shah Jahan. So the mosque has a mughal architectural style.

shah jahan mosque blue tiles work
Shaha Mosque Blue Tile Work

The mosque is famous and commonly known as Shahjahani Masjid in Pakistan. The mosque is built with red bricks. For decorative work blue colored glaze tiles are used. These blue tiles were probably fetched from a town ‘Haala’ in Sindh. The mosque has a total of 93 domes, certainly the largest number of domes in any mosque in the world.

The Mosque is built keeping acoustics conditions in mind. The domes are built in such a way that a speech exceeding 100 decibels can easily be heard from one end the dome to the other end.