She Owns The SUN, Said By Spanish Woman ‘Angeles Duran’

You all own the properties on earth. But what you will think if someone says that SUN belongs to her.

A woman name “Angeles Duran” has claimed that she owns the Sun. She is also selling plots on Sun. Angeles has said that she has all the legal papers of sun ownership and she has registered The Sun on her name in notary office in Spain.

Angeles Duran is also selling plots on Ebay from last two years. The price is, one square meter per euro. She is also providing paper of ownership to buyers. She has also warned the consumers of solar energy that she can claim bills from them.

Is it interesting, what you think about these kinds of things???? Do you agree with her?

Muhammad Naveed Iqbal

Muhammad Naveed Iqbal

Lecturer in Botany. PhD (Plant Sciences) Scholar