Supermoon 14 November 2016 Unusually Large and Bright

SuperMoon will appear on 14 November 2016. SuperMoon will be unusually large and bright. This moon may appear on many countries in the world. According to NASA the super moon will be 14% larger and 30% brighter as compared to ordinary moon.

Supermoon will be unusually closer to the Earth after 70 years. According to NASA the next Super Moon will appear on 25 November 2034. So we have to wait for 18 years to watch such a beautiful and brighter moon again.

We shall clearly see SuperMoon as bigger and brighter than usual. Super Moon appears at 226000KM distance from earth, and this is the reason for its bigger size and more brightness. Year 2016 has three SuperMoons. The first Super Moon of the year appeared on 16 October 2016, second will appear on 14 November and the third and last one will appear on 14 December. We have got the chance to watch such an unusual event three times in this year.

Muhammad Waheed Iqbal

Muhammad Waheed Iqbal

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