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Visual C# How to Program PDF Book Free Download

visual c# how to program

Visual C# How to Program book is appropriate for introductory course sequences based on the curriculum recommendations of two key professional organizations—the ACM and the IEEE. The examples are accessible to computer science, information technology, software engineering and business students in novice-level and intermediate-level C# courses. The book can also …

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PHP MySQL Urdu Web Development PDF Book

PHP MySQL Urdu Web Development is a very comprehensive and easy to understand book. The book is really a great work from Shakeel Muhammad Khan. It is a complete and easy book in Urdu language. Probably I think this is the best book to learn PHP and MySQL in Urdu …

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PHP and MySQL for Dummies PDF Free Download

php and mysql for dummies

Think of ‘PHP and MySQL for Dummies‘ as your friendly guide to building a Web database application. This book is designed as a reference, not as a tutorial, so you don’t have to read it from cover to cover. You can start reading at any point — in Chapter 1, …

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C Plus Plus For Dummies PDF Book Free Download

c plus plus for dummies

C Plus Plus For Dummies is an introduction to the C++ language. C++ For Dummies starts from the beginning (where else?) and works its way from early concepts and through more sophisticated techniques. It doesn’t assume that you have any prior knowledge, at least, not of programming. Book Title C++ …

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Computer Networks Internets 5th Edition PDF Download

Computer Networks Internets

Computer Networks Internets covers a lot of material, and the author makes the contents very easy to read and understand, which is the biggest reason I like this book. It’s very appropriate for a 3-credit class in that a lot of material can be covered. The student’s positive feedback shows …

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Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation

introduction to languages

Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation is an introduction to the theory of computation. After a chapter presenting the mathematical tools that will be used, the book examines models of computation and the associated languages, from the most elementary to the most general: finite automata and regular languages; …

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Introduction to Computers by Peter Norton 6th Edition

introduction to computers by peter norton

“Introduction To Computers by Peter Norton” assumes that you have never used a computer before or your computer experience is very brief. If so you may need to learn some basic computer skills before proceeding with this course. This book starts computer knowledge from first stage so everyone will easily …

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Discrete Mathematics With Applications by Susanna S Epp

discrete mathematics with applications

“Discrete Mathematics With Applications” describes processes that consist of a sequence of individual steps. This contrasts with calculus, which describes processes that change in a continuous fashion. Whereas the ideas of calculus were fundamental to the science and technology of the industrial revolution, the ideas of discrete mathematics underlie the …

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