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tests for lipids

Tests for Lipids (Preliminary Test and Confirmatory Test)

Tests for Lipids

Preliminary Tests for Lipids


Spot Test


Poured one or two drops of original solution with the help of a dropper on a filter paper and allowed it to dry.A fine greasy spot appeared on the filter paperLipids are present


Slowly heated 2-3 ml of original solution in a test tube.No precipitate formationProteins are Absent

Iodine Test

Took 2-3 drops of original solution and then added a few drops of iodine solution.The solution does not turns its colorCarbohydrates are absent

Confirmatory tests for Lipids


Sudan III

2-3 ml of original solution in a test tube and add 3 ml of water then add few drops of Sudan III reagent. Shake properly and allow the solution to stand.Formation of a red layer on the surface of solution in test tubeLipids are present

Oil Emulsion Test

2.5 ml of O.S. added 2.5 ml of absolute alcohol and then added 5 ml of cold water. Then shake the mixture and allowed it to stand.A white colored cloudy suspension (emulsion) is formedLipids are confirmed

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