Too Much Knowledge is Dangerous

Too Much Knowledge is Dangerous

Knowledge, being the supreme force in the Universe makes a clear discrimination between those who know and those who do not know. Ignorance is a sin that paints the ignorant as the most unwanted ones. Though in certain cases ignorance is a blessing yet sheer ignorance results in loss and shame. The curse of ignorance, like vampire, sucks the blood of enlightenment and the truth, thus, reducing them to pity and fear. Those who are guided and controlled by ignorance never find them rooted in constructive and fertile soil giving birth to the plants enriched with light of knowledge and understanding. In the desert of ignorance, tracklessness leads nowhere but to deception and falsehood. It is just the dagger of knowledge that splits apart wisdom from the follies and opens an enlightened era of the treasure of knowledge being collectively claimed as its own by the whole mankind. Commonly inherited blessing of knowledge is meant for all human beings. Although drugs and penicillin and many others are the wonderful discoveries and inventions of the west but all the sons and daughters of Adam and Eve are benefiting from them and relief has been provided to the countless hopelessly living and miserably dying. There is no denying the fact that knowledge is the supreme force, but at the same time, it is also an acknowledged truth that this very force in the hands of the ignorant did irreparable loss to humanity.

Miserable and heart rending spectacle of charred bodies, building burnt to a frazzle, Scalding tears of the innocent and smoldering heaps of aspiration were scenes of tragedy that was staged by the forces who made an unwanted and abhorred demonstration of knowledge. Today we are a part of the world characterized by wondrous scientific and technological development where every second observes miraculous advancement in the flow of knowledge magnifying into a Herculean force that can knock down every opposition. At this critical juncture, all the nations must have their fingers pointing to one agenda as how to guide this force positively resulting in the welfare and betterment of the humanity. This force in the hands of intellectually handicapped and spiritually dead may put the whole planet at risk. The way newly designed and powerfully equipped missiles, bombs and other weapons of mass destruction are being carved out. There are very clear indications that monster of unwanted knowledge is picking the flesh and its never ending hunger is mounting up. Its wild nature needs strict handling. The horrors of previous world wars have not yet been entirely shaken off while the new dangers are getting nourished. If the tragedy takes place third time, none will be left to weep and wail over the ruins.

With this reality of ever increasing boom of knowledge along with multi dimensional opportunities of rendering both amelioration and devastation, its direction needs to be positively guided. For this, what required is the wisdom and foresightedness on the part of the intellectuals, scholars and scientists laden with the potential to tame this wild animal and shape it into someone beneficial and handy. Manifestation of this very sagacity and demonstration of this sort of acumen will never let the sky view another catastrophic happening; an astute handling of science would make this planet a place of peace and stability.

There is nothing wrong with the acquisition of knowledge as it provides wheel for development and understanding of mysterious prosaic of the universe but the spirit with which it is achieved must be positive and rooted in constructive footing. Now-a-days there is non-stop flood of knowledge being poured out by modern technological source of information. Now, we are provided with greater scope of sharing our experiences as the whole world has shrunk into a global village. Man of today is comparatively enjoying much stronger guard against the diseases. Furious bulls of nature have been brought under servitude. We drive the winds and surpass, the lightning speed. Science is busy in whittling everything out of nothing. Scientists are whiling away each of their second in manufacturing wonderful comforts and they are whipping through such tasks.

It is often quoted that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing but it is equally neglected that too much knowledge may prove even more dangerous if not handled well. Man of today is no doubt in the driving seat and explorations made by him are of paramount value but only the same driving can save this planet from wreckage. Knowledge in itself is neither good nor bad but its use makes it so. Present race of nuclear weapons among the power drunk may prove the ugliest records of history leaving behind lot of bickering. ‘This possibility must not be taken as a distant mirage in the context of present bloody monsters spreading great sense of construction everywhere. We are the flag holders of modern civilization. We cannot wimp ourselves out of the responsibilities of concocting better and safe future for our children. We cannot afford letting this ferocious beast of negatively directing science wolf down the sense of compassion and tolerance among the fellow beings. Therefore, the need of the hour is to imprison this giant of knowledge in the bottle of sagacity and make him obey positive and man loving commands.

By Professor. Ali Babur